Published: January 15, 2018

TeamSupport Named 2017 SaaS Appealie Awards Winner

APPEALIE has announced the winners of their 2017 SaaS Awards and TeamSupport is honored to be chosen in the Overall SaaS category along with giants like Salesforce and Slack.  

TeamSupport's CEO Robert C. Johnson is extremely proud of this accomplishment, noting: "At TeamSupport we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience which is why we built our help desk software in the first place. Earning a spot as a Best Overall SaaS company in the APPEALIE awards means a lot because it's based on input from our own customers.” 

Winners were selected by a judging panel of customer success experts from Chargebee, MeetEdgar, ProsperWorks, and Reply based on data including Net Promoter Scores™ and customer survey responses, as well as nominee-supplied documentation for their best customer success stories and outcomes. 

“Winning in today’s SaaS marketplace requires customer-obsessed teams and products that consistently deliver business value and help their users succeed,” commented Matt Harney, Founder of APPEALIE. “Our focus on customer data, real-life success stories, and client input created a democratic process where entrants were evaluated not on the size of their user base – but on customer delight.”

“We arrived at a diverse and deserving set of winners, ranging from 6 large, publicly listed SaaS companies - like Salesforce and ServiceNow - to some of the most prominent privately held software platforms - like DocuSign, Intercom and Slack - to hyper-growth stage apps - like CallRail, ChurnZero, MindTickle,, and TeamSupport.”    

The 2017 APPEALIE SaaS Award winners are published on the APPEALIE website at


APPEALIE honors apps with real appeal.

APPEALIE hosts a SaaS Awards program with winning apps selected on the basis of customer feedback and data. Each competition consists of four categories - Overall SaaS, SaaS Customer Success, iOS Mobile SaaS App, and Android Mobile SaaS App - and is judged by a panel of software experts.

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Published : January 15, 2018

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