Published: April 10, 2015

TeamSupport Unveils New Calendar for Seamless Collaboration

The built-in calendar makes it easy to create and see ticket due dates, customer and ticket reminders, project dates, support rotation schedules, and more

TeamSupport has launched a new calendar feature that empowers customer support teams to be more efficient, effective, and collaborative. By offering a sophisticated, personalized built-in calendar, TeamSupport distinguishes its solution from competitors and enhances customer support teams’ ability to work together.  

TeamSupport’s customer service software has a strong focus on collaborative problem solving, enabling teams to work together to solve problems faster and more effectively. 

The new calendar feature helps bring this collaboration to a whole new level and allows customers to create and access events which can be associated to users, groups, tickets, customers, and even products. Additionally, when a support rep creates a reminder or a due date on a ticket, an event is automatically created in their calendar.

The TeamSupport calendar offers drag and drop functionality and also integrates with other calendars, such as Google or Outlook. The calendar feature also presents a range of views by the day, week or month and is easily navigable with browse buttons.

“The calendar feature is something we have been working on for awhile. We wanted to make sure we did it right, rather than throwing together a basic integration just for the sake of having a calendar,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “This allows us to offer something that improves our customers’ ability to deliver the best possible customer support, which is extremely important to us at TeamSupport.”

TeamSupport takes a groundbreaking new approach to customer support by enabling support teams to understand their customers and their pain points to deliver better support. The platform offers various unique features that work together to take B2B companies from reactively managing tickets to proactively meeting customer needs.  


Published : April 10, 2015

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