Published: July 01, 2015

TeamSupport Launches “Product Lines” for Customer Experience

New Enterprise Level Feature Allows Multiple Corporate Divisions to Share TeamSupport Account

TeamSupport, creators of innovative B2B customer support software, today announced the release of a new feature that enables enterprise customers to deliver a consistent customer experience while more effectively and securely managing customer data: Product Lines™. Companies that market products under multiple brands or across distinct divisions now have the option to organize their support activities to mirror their brand or product families via the Product Lines feature.  

Recognizing that B2B companies need to manage the entire customer relationship rather than just individual tickets, TeamSupport built a cloud-based help desk and service desk application from the ground up that is especially suited to managing B2B relationships. TeamSupport includes unique collaboration tools that enable teams to focus on the big picture – managing the entire relationship with B2B customers to deliver better support.

Product Lines takes it to the next level for enterprises that offer multiple brands or products. It allows companies to separate out product lines, providing specific collaboration platforms for a distinct brand or product group so that support teams can access customer information pertinent only to that Product Line’s business clients. Product Lines makes it easy for companies to create branded communication venues to ensure that customers get a consistent brand experience when seeking support.

Companies who have multiple divisions that each support a separate group of products will see great benefit from Product Lines. Personnel in each division will only have access to the customer support data relevant to their division and it will appear that they are working in a district instance of TeamSupport. Executives can see support information across all divisions and easily create roll up reports to assess performance companywide.

Product Lines also enables companies to easily manage user rights between product families and brands, allowing administrators to strengthen security by restricting access to customer information. This ensures that only support teams who work with a specific product line’s customers can see relevant data. Product Lines also gives companies the power to manage support performance for the company as a whole and also the ability to break performance metrics down by product line or brand.

“Product Lines provide a unique capability by enabling companies to combine multiple products into distinct product families or brands for support and help desk purposes,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “Like all TeamSupport features, Product Lines was designed to meet real-world customer needs, and it has been tested at scale, including with a large technology company that currently uses it to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers across multiple corporate divisions.”

TeamSupport, designed to help companies focus on the big picture and benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of the company as they resolve issues and manage the overall customer relationship, now enables enterprises to provide an even more customized experience with Product Lines. Learn more about TeamSupport’s customer-centric support software at

Published : July 1, 2015

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