Published: July 20, 2023

Revolutionizing the Way Customer Support Teams Use Jira

DALLAS, July 20, 2023 ( - TeamSupport, the leading customer support software provider, has announced significant advancements to its Jira integration, setting a new industry standard for seamless collaboration between customer support and engineering teams. With an array of innovative features, TeamSupport's enhanced Jira integration tackles the long-standing challenges faced by customer support agents when working with Jira and their support software, ensuring heightened efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Recognizing the importance of a streamlined workflow for customer support agents, TeamSupport's integration goes above and beyond the capabilities of its competitors. By addressing key pain points agents face and providing comprehensive solutions to them, TeamSupport empowers customer support teams to work seamlessly with Jira, enhancing their productivity and delivering superior customer experiences.

Key enhancements of TeamSupport's Jira integration include:

Full Visibility: The integration offers complete visibility by automating updates and enabling the linking of any number of tickets to any number of Jira issues. This ensures that customer support agents have a comprehensive overview of related issues and can easily access relevant information, ultimately reducing response times and improving issue resolution.

Real-Time Sync: With real-time synchronization, statuses, comments, actions, and other crucial updates are instantly reflected in both TeamSupport and Jira. Customer support agents can now enjoy real-time visibility into the progress of issues, enabling faster decision-making and seamless collaboration between teams.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: The integration fosters enhanced communication and collaboration between customer support teams and project management teams. With everyone informed and up to date, critical information can be seamlessly shared, allowing for improved coordination, efficient issue resolution, and a consistent customer experience.


TeamSupport's Jira integration is now available to all customers, with a commitment to ongoing improvements and customer feedback. The company remains dedicated to providing customer support teams with the tools they need to excel in their roles and meet the evolving demands of today's customers.

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Published : July 20, 2023

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