Published: March 23, 2022

Say Goodbye to Retrospective Support Agent Training

March 22, 2022 - Dallas, TX - Providing chat agents with performance feedback is essential for ensuring their growth and prompts them to continue to immerse in quality conversations with customers. Knowing this, support and success managers often leverage and review live chat analytics to guide their agents with tips on how to move forward in instant messaging conversations. But, what if agent coaching didn’t have to take place retrospectively? 


TeamSupport, the award-winning, B2B focused customer service platform has released a revolutionary feature on their Messaging & Live Chat product, that allows customer support and success managers to provide their live chat agents with coaching in real-time. The feature, Supervisor, is a powerful tool designed to transform agent training, performance, onboarding times, and increase customer satisfaction. 


Complete with three different modes, Supervisor offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their customer support and success teams in new ways. The Observe mode allows managers to monitor multiple chat conversations at once, while Whisper mode lets managers privately advise agents in the midst of their conversation, and Takeover mode enables managers to takeover the chat when it needs special attention. 


Designed to reduce agent onboarding times, improve responses to even the most complex customer questions, and instantly relieve unnecessary agent stress by supporting them in the moment, Supervisor comes at a time when digital customer experiences are more prominent than ever and the need for engaged, high-performing agents is equally important. Dedicated to ensuring every business is customer-centric, TeamSupport is excited for their new feature release which ultimately, makes it easier for businesses to enhance customer experience journeys. 


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Published : March 23, 2022

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