Published: July 14, 2015

TeamSupport Enhances Screen Recording for Customer Support

Recording Feature Makes It Easy to Embed Narrated Video of Screen Action in Support Tickets

TeamSupport is excited to announce the new version of their screen recording feature, a function that makes it easier for customers and support teams to communicate and resolve issues. Instead of writing a lengthy description of a software problem or solution, customers and support teams can record the action on their screens, overlaying it with voice narration if desired, and embed it in the ticket.

“When customers find a software bug or experience an incident when software doesn’t behave as expected, it can be enormously time-consuming to type out a description of a complex process,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “The screen recording feature makes it really simple for customers to show agents the issue. It also makes it easy for support agents to show customers a solution. Instead of laboriously transcribing a process, users can record the screen, edit it, provide voiceover if they want to and embed it in the ticket.”

The TeamSupport screen recording feature has an intuitive workflow that is similar to the process of taking a screen shot. Whether creating a new ticket or adding to an existing one, users can just click a record button in the toolbar to record video and embed it into the ticket. Users can capture the entire screen or resize the recording window, dragging and dropping it to capture only the relevant portion of the screen. They can choose to disable audio or add a narrative to describe the issue or solution. Once recorded, the video can be edited or re-recorded before the user sends the ticket.

TeamSupport helps support companies communicate more effectively to resolve individual tickets and improve the customer experience. The latest version of the screen recorder function enhances the relationship between customers and customer support, providing an easy way for customers to share issues without writing a detailed description, and allowing support agents to demonstrate solutions with a fast, simple recording interface. Learn more about TeamSupport’s unique customer support software at


Published : July 14, 2015

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