Published: December 04, 2017

TeamSupport ServiceNow Integration Streamlines Support

Integration Allows Agents to Create and Update Internal Incidents in TeamSupport help desk software with a Single Click

TeamSupport, the industry's top B2B customer support software solution, today announced that ServiceNow’s IT support management tool is natively integrated with TeamSupport's help desk system. That means agents can get real-time ServiceNow updates to streamline internal communications while using TeamSupport to deliver great customer service. The integration eliminates the need to create duplicate tickets, allowing agents to track internal and external issues in TeamSupport.

The TeamSupport-ServiceNow integration is particularly helpful for companies that work with managed service providers (MSPs), or IT groups that manage provisioning. Support agents often need to closely track internal incidents that affect customer tickets, and with the integration, they can manage both issues in one system, receiving updates on incidents without having to manage separate tickets. Agents can simply click a button on the TeamSupport ticket to create and update incidents. 

“We get our best ideas from our customers, and ServiceNow users let us know this integration would streamline their internal communications and make it easier for agents to track internal incidents while handling customer issues with TeamSupport,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “Actions and comments are synced in real-time to create a comprehensive account of all activities, and by eliminating the need to create tickets in two systems, the TeamSupport-ServiceNow integration saves agents time.”

The integration links ServiceNow incidents with multiple TeamSupport tickets as appropriate and agents can sync public and private actions from TeamSupport to ServiceNow as well as customize how ticket and action types sync.

“ServiceNow works great for IT service management as it relates to customer support, helping agents who work with MSPs and IT teams manage internal communications, and TeamSupport is the best B2B customer support tool on the market,” Johnson explained. “This integration brings it all together in one place, enabling agents to easily keep track of internal incidents that affect customer tickets on a single system. That will allow agents to keep their focus where it should be — on delivering a great customer experience, every time.”

TeamSupport was designed from the ground up by B2B support professionals especially for organizations that provide external customer support. The TeamSupport solution offers an array of tools that make it simple for teams to work together, share information, and access their collective knowledge to solve customer challenges. TeamSupport makes it easier for support agents to resolve individual tickets while managing the overall customer relationship. Find out more at

Published : December 4, 2017

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