Published: May 03, 2016

TeamSupport Adds Customer Families and ScreenView™ Recording

New Release Adds Customer Families to Manage Support For Complex Companies and Enables WebRTC-based Screen Recording

TeamSupport, a top B2B help desk and customer support software solution, is pleased to announce their most recent product release, which brings enhanced functionality to the company’s award-winning application. The release includes Customer FamiliesTM, the newest member of the relational features suite, which enables more effective management of complex customer relationships. It also includes an update to TeamSupport’s proprietary ScreenViewTM screen recording feature, which is enhanced through use of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology.

“TeamSupport clients asked for a new feature that would allow them to more easily link their related customers together, and in response, we built Customer Families to make it simpler to manage relationships with businesses that have multiple locations and divisions,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “The ScreenViewTM upgrade is a proactive move to keep our popular screen recording feature compatible with the latest versions of the web’s most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.”

The addition of Customer Families helps business-to-business support operations handle contacts more efficiently, no matter which parent company division customers work for or where they are located. This makes it easier to manage the entire customer relationship more effectively rather than just closing individual tickets. The new release enables support teams to access all tickets for divisions under a parent company. This function also applies to the customer portal, enabling customers who are associated with a parent company to access information across subsidiaries.

helpdesk_screen-recording.jpgTeamSupport’s popular ScreenView feature has become an essential part of support operations, allowing customers to share issues using a screen recording rather than laboriously writing out a description of the problem and enabling support agents to demonstrate solutions with a simple video interface. Existing solutions on the market hadn’t evolved for some time, and didn’t always cooperate with newer browsers. TeamSupport took the initiative to improve on this by developing their own native screen recording within the application using WebRTC technology, which doesn’t require internal or external plugins.

TeamSupport was designed by business-to-business support professionals to help support organizations collaborate effectively to resolve individual tickets and manage the overall customer relationship. The latest release makes it easier to support companies with multiple locations and divisions as well as enabling more clarity between customers and support teams, resulting in a better customer experience overall. To find out more about TeamSupport’s groundbreaking support solutions, please visit


Published : May 3, 2016

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