Published: May 26, 2021

New Customer Success Solution Helps Increase Revenue, Reduce Churn

Groundbreaking new product by TeamSupport redefines customer success with software that strengthens B2B relationships, reduces churn, increases lifetime value of customer.

Dallas—May 26, 2021—With increasing revenue as its primary focus, TeamSuccess boldly repositions the role of customer success software in the industry, announces TeamSupport, the award-winning B2B customer support software company, of its groundbreaking new product.

TeamSupport CEO Pete Khanna introduces the product, saying, B2B companies are starting to realize that the customer support function is no longer a cost center, but rather contributes to the overall success of the customer relationship and ultimately drives recurring revenue. TeamSuccess makes the shift from reactive mode to a more proactive stance possible.” 

Industry research suggests that as more and more software companies transition to subscription-based services, the financial relationship with customers fundamentally changes from pay-upfront-to-own products to pay-as-you-go. For revenue to continue to flow, customers must not only use the products but continue to find value in them.


Khanna goes on, “It is no longer sufficient to only satisfy customers. Support and Success must work hand in hand to deliver positive customer experiences that help sustain and grow existing relationships. All resulting in increased product adoption and use, decreased churn, and ultimately a positive impact on the lifetime value of the customer.”


The Customer Success Association advises that the mission of customer success is to increase sustainable proven value for both the customers and the company. Being able to monitor the return on investment (ROI) for the customer is therefore a vital capability. Tools that help measure value should include 

[] Deep churn analysis and reporting, 

[] Tracking and reporting on upsell and cross-sell potentials and actuals, and 

[] Analysis of sales pricing, commitments, and deal quality.

“TeamSuccess enables B2B SaaS companies to measure value on each of these levels,” concludes Khanna.

TeamSuccess is the second innovative new product released by TeamSupport in recent months. TeamInsights, made available December 2020, is the company’s new customizable reporting and analytics dashboard.

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About TeamSupport

TeamSupport is an award-winning customer support software company purpose built for B2B software and technology companies. TeamSupport provides a comprehensive suite of post-sale customer support and customer success solutions that help increase collaboration, net retention, customer engagement, and overall lifetime value of a customer.

The TeamSupport suite of products includes TeamSupport, its flagship customer support solution; TeamInsights, a revolutionary customizable reporting and analytics solution; and TeamSuccess, the first solution to fully realize the revenue potential of customer success. It also includes SnapEngage, enterprise chat software for sales and support teams.


TeamSupport is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at

Media Contact: Connie Glover  |  VP Marketing Communications  |  TeamSupport |


Published : May 26, 2021

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