Published: April 28, 2020

TeamSupport Enables Stronger Team Collaboration With New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

B2B customer support software offers a comprehensive, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Dynamics applications to improve clarity and streamline workflows

TeamSupport, an award-winning business-to-business (B2B)-focused customer support software solution, announces a new integration with Microsoft Dynamics® 365. The bi-directional integration allows customer and contact information to be synced effortlessly, along with ticket data, enabling stronger communication between teams, increased efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.

This new integration ensures B2B customer support teams can see all facets of a customer's engagement, from which products they are using to what content they are sharing amongst the team. One benefit to TeamSupport clients is that agents or sales reps only have to enter the information once, instead of creating duplicate entries in each system.

Other key features include: Seamless and bi-directional sync between accounts and contacts, and between tickets and cases; quick access to a secure customer portal, even by newly imported contacts; and customizable welcome emails sent to all imported contacts.

“It’s all about building a holistic view of the customer, really understanding their needs, and reducing the time it takes to resolve their issue," said Robert C. Johnson, CEO, TeamSupport. “Information is visible to both support and sales, enabling support teams to resolve issues faster and sales teams to be proactive in improving the customer's experience.” 

Microsoft Dynamics is the latest in an impressive list of critical business systems with which TeamSupport seamlessly integrates. Others include Salesforce®, Jira®, Microsoft TFS®, to name a few.

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About TeamSupport

TeamSupport was designed from the ground up by B2B support professionals. The TeamSupport software solution offers an array of tools that make it simple for teams to work together, share information, and access their collective knowledge to solve customer challenges. TeamSupport makes it easier for support teams to resolve individual tickets while managing the overall customer relationship. Find out more at


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Connie Glover

VP Marketing Communications, TeamSupport

Published : April 28, 2020

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