Published: August 04, 2020

TeamSupport’s Powerful Ticket Automation Now Enabled for Microsoft Teams

TeamSupport announces new integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling ability to post messages through Ticket Automation feature

Aug. 4, 2020—Dallas—TeamSupport, a multiple award-winning B2B (business-to-business) customer support software solution, announces a new integration with Microsoft Teams®. Microsoft Teams is a popular workplace communication tool, and now users have the ability to post messages on Teams channels with TeamSupport’s powerful Ticket Automation feature.

“TeamSupport allows B2B support teams to take a holistic approach to building strong customer relationships, really understand their needs, and reduce the time it takes to resolve their issues," said Robert C. Johnson, CEO, TeamSupport. “This new integration with Microsoft Teams will improve communications between support, sales, and product development teams and streamline workflows.”

Ticket Automation is a powerful feature within TeamSupport that allows users to create rules for handling tickets. Johnson goes on, “In addition to posting messages to Teams Channels, the potential uses of Ticket Automation are almost limitless.” A few examples include automatic reminders, managing escalations, automatic responses, putting tickets in a queue, and making changes to type and group of ticket.


Microsoft Teams is the latest in an impressive list of critical business systems with which TeamSupport seamlessly integrates. Others include Microsoft Dynamics®, Salesforce®, Jira®, Microsoft TFS®, Slack®, and Hubspot®, to name a few.

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About TeamSupport

TeamSupport is an award-winning customer support software company built specifically for the unique needs of B2B (business-to-business) companies. Created by industry experts who lived through the struggles of being a B2B company in a B2C (business-to-consumer) support world, TeamSupport has spent the past decade creating a product to help companies build stronger customer relationships. With an emphasis on streamlined collaboration among teams and built around the entire B2B customer—rather than focused on each individual contact or ticket—TeamSupport stands alone as the leading support software solution created for businesses who need to help other businesses solve problems.

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Connie Glover

VP Marketing Communications, TeamSupport

Published : August 4, 2020

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