The Future Of Customer Support



TeamSupport's CEO Robert Johnson will have a round table discussion with David Kay of DB Kay & Associates, Al Hahn from the Association of Support Professionals, and Jennifer Macintosh of Coveo to discuss where Customer Support is today, and where they see it going in the immediate and distant future.

Listen in on this lively meeting of the brains to ensure your support team and software are keeping up.

*Part of the 'Customer Support Technology for Customer Success' Series Co-Presented by TeamSupport and the Association of Support Professionals

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This is the fifth in a monthly series of support-related webinars co-presented by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) and TeamSupport customer support software. 


Jennifer MacIntosh
VP Customer Experience, Coveo


Jennifer is a successful customer success and customer experience professional who focuses on customer satisfaction with the Coveo platform. A TSIA advisory board member, Jennifer is a leading mind in taking customer experience best practices and actively applying them to corporate scenarios. In the past, she's held key customer experience roles at Yahoo! and Alterna Savings.

David Kay
DB Kay & Associates


With more than two decades of experience, David specializes in making customer support organizations successful in managing their knowledge and making their problem resolution process more effective. He's an expert on knowledge-centered support and holds a patent on support knowledge management technology. David also excels at strategy and solution development in the customer support industry.