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Cleaning Up With Customer Support Software

Saving Time And Money With TeamSupport


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The team at Assured Software knows a good idea when they see it. That’s why theirs was the first software developed specifically for fire and flood restoration contractors.

But as the company has grown to include multiple products used by customers across the globe, Assured Software went in search of another good idea: a robust customer service software that could help the company more fully support its growing customer base and track ticket close times.

“We had been using a home-grown support system we built ourselves that just wasn’t keeping pace any longer,” says Paul Winckers, Manager of Finance & Services. “So then we tried using the same software we use to run our financial system, and it just wasn’t user friendly.”

The TeamSupport Difference

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After a lengthy due diligence process, Assured Software discovered TeamSupport’s collaborative customer service software and implemented it in 2010.

Today, most every employee with customer-facing responsibilities uses TeamSupport as an integral part of their daily work—not only for responding to customer issues but also to schedule software installations and training sessions and track all customer activities. Even members of the sales department search tickets in TeamSupport to better understand any issues customers may be experiencing, which helps improve customer support.

Winckers says what sets TeamSupport apart from the competition is that the helpdesk software is:

  • Easy to use
    With TeamSupport, Assured Software’s entire support team was up and running in no time.
  • Flexible
    TeamSupport’s custom fields allow users to create their own statuses and add fields unique to their company’s needs.
  • Organized
    TeamSupport allows users to assign tags and types to organize customer issues.

“The ability to assign multiple customers to a ticket really helps me to see the severity of a particular feature request,” explains Laura Dombrosky, one of Assured Software’s support agents.

The Results

Assured Software recently logged its 10,000th ticket in TeamSupport and is still going strong.

“TeamSupport has allowed Assured Software to save an enormous amount of time and money - not only for us, but for our customers,” says Greg Lehmann, a member of the company’s support team. “In addition to TeamSupport’s strengths as a reliable and consistent ticketing system, it has given us the ability to respond to customers via e-mail and have all correspondence documented. This has allowed our support team to stay small in numbers - and make remote support so much more possible - even while our customer base continues to grow.”

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