Jira for TeamSupport Customer Support Software

TeamSupport customer support software along with Jira bug tracking and project management software make a powerful all-in-one solution for technology companies. Our native Jira integration links support tickets in TeamSupport to engineering tickets in Jira for faster resolution, greater visibility, and better collaboration between support and development
Jira is a popular software that sits at the center of software development, offering tools such as bug tracking, feature creation, agile planning and activity monitoring. 


TeamSupport makes managing service tickets a breeze.
Terry Brailsford
Automation Engineering

How It Works:

  • TeamSupport creates and links the issue ticket with a new issue in Jira, including summary, description, project, and type. If the issue already exists in Jira, you can link the TeamSupport help desk ticket to it
  • An issue in Jira can be linked with multiple TeamSupport tickets
  • Any change to status, project, type, or any custom mappings in Jira will be automatically applied to any linked TeamSupport tickets
  • Actions created in TeamSupport help desk software will be created in the linked Jira issue
  • Changes made in TeamSupport are not applied to the Jira issue, so your support team can still make updates without worrying about editing the Jira issue

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