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Slack + TeamSupport for Collaborative Customer Support

TeamSupport customer support software and Slack team communication software make a powerful all-in-one collaboration solution for technology companies. Our native Slack integration lets you post messages on one of your Slack channels through Ticket Automation.
Slack is the most popular team communication tool in the technology sector and TeamSupport's integration with Slack makes it simple for users to keep track of all their work communication on a single platform. 
Customers love the Slack help desk integration because it alerts them when an urgent ticket comes in or if a ticket has gone stale. It can also let users know when a positive or negative agent rating is received.


TeamSupport makes managing service tickets a breeze.
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How It Works


It only takes a minute to integrate with Slack. You’ll get notified about messages from your users and everything happening behind the scenes in your Team Inbox. 

Slack is a popular team communication tool, and TeamSupport lets you post messages on one of your Slack channels through ticket automation.

How to integrate with Slack

Simply set up your Incoming Webhooks in Slack, then paste the Webhook URL in TeamSupport, under the Slack software integration. Once you click the activation button, you're synching with Slack!

In Ticket Automation, you'll then have a new action for "Post to Slack". It's that simple! You can use the same placeholder functionality as with other Ticket Automations and can quickly and easily share with your team via Slack.

Key features

Our help desk integration with Slack makes sure you are aware of new activity in your team's inbox. For example you can set Slack to update:

  • When an urgent ticket comes in
  • When a good or bad agent rating is posted
  • When a customer replies to a ticket
  • When a teammate updates a ticket
  • When a ticket has gone stale

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Issue collaboration and tracking at its finest!
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