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Cutting Edge Technology Demands Exemplary Customer Service

Increasing Visibility And Customer Communications With Customer Support Integrations


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This renowned American company was founded in the mid 1800's and began as a simple print shop. Today, after countless expansions and a history of innovation, they are an innovative provider of electronics, transportation, and education technology for both businesses and everyday consumers. 

As a company that offers innovative tools to its customers, they wanted their customer service to be as cutting edge as their technology and to integrate seamlessly with their other systems. 

Having grown in recent years, the company began to serve clients across a wider variety of industries, and customer service software that provided customization, collaboration, automation, and integration became a necessity. That's where TeamSupport came in.

The TeamSupport Difference

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Since partnering with TeamSupport in April 2014, the technology provider has found powerful ways to integrate the tool into many of its systems. They use TeamSupport's customer service software to handle a large portion of calls to their consumer electronics divisions, provide fleet support from the mobile communications division, and offer excellent service to customers in their online store. 

"TeamSupport is different in the sense that they're willing to work with somebody to get the environment situated for what they need, whereas the other systems take more of a cookie cutter approach," said the Senior Project Manager of Technical Support. "TeamSupport will go above and beyond to get customers what they need out of the system."

One valuable example of how the company has used TeamSupport’s automation and integration options to make customer service more efficient is its RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process. When the company creates an RMA ticket on behalf of a customer, the tool automatically generates a UPS label and emails it to the client. Once the customer returns the device in the mail, TeamSupport automatically creates a child ticket for the tech and repair departments, and important status updates are relayed continuously to the customer via email. These updates include a notification when the repaired device is sent back, along with tracking information. Once the process is complete, the ticket closes itself automatically.

Additionally, the company integrates TeamSupport with a wide variety of their other systems, including: 

  • Omni-channel ticket creation: Whether a client contacts technical support via email, the website, chat, or phone, TeamSupport automatically generates a ticket in their system. 
  • UPS: TeamSupport integrates with UPS so clients can easily generate labels and track their orders. 
  • Customer feedback: This is a unique feature built into the company's devices. If a driver notices that information provided by the GPS is incorrect, he or she can touch a button that sends the coordinates and automatically creates a ticket through TeamSupport so the technical team can make corrections. 
  • Device registration: When a customer registers a new device, it sends that information to TeamSupport and creates inventory, which allows the company to track the item's warranty status. 

The Results

Today, the company's tech support processes an average of 500 tickets per day using TeamSupport customer support software and is reaping the benefits of the integrated system. Ticket automation, which is one of their favorite features, makes this volume possible, and on some days, the support team will receive upwards of 1,500 tickets. Further, the company places heavy value on additional features including the customizable dashboard and reports, the ability to track service level agreements and tasks, inventory integration, and the internal knowledge base. Their customers benefit from the Customer Hub and live chat options.

In addition to the increased efficiency in processing high volumes of tickets, TeamSupport has helped the tech giant improve its operations, save money, and create a better overall customer experience. Benefits experienced include:

  • Reduced backend work. This helps the company save time and money, and leads to quicker, more efficient responses for customers.
  • Increased visibility and communication. Customers rely on their technology. The ability to reach a real person quickly is extremely valuable.
  • Higher customer satisfaction. Happy customers translate to loyal customers.

With TeamSupport, this global technology software leader is on the cutting edge of everything it offers, spanning from technology to online shopping experiences and most importantly customer satisfaction.

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