Published: October 14, 2015

TeamSupport's Visual Support Suite Gets New Feature: VideoView™

New Feature Makes It Simple to Embed Webcam Video Directly into Support Tickets

TeamSupport today announced the release of VideoView, a video recording feature that makes it easier for support teams and customers to communicate about support issues by using full motion video and audio to describe the issue. Rather than writing a long, involved narrative that describes the problem, customers can record a video using their webcam and insert it into the ticket. Agents can use the same function to reply with a video that shows the customer how to solve the issue.

“We call this new feature VideoView, and it is one of three ways customers and agents can easily illustrate a problem and provide a solution visually within a ticket instead of writing a lengthy description,” said Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport. “The SupportView™ suite includes ImageView, a function that allows customers and agents to embed a screenshot in a ticket, and ScreenView, which enables customers and agents to exchange recordings of on-screen activities — complete with narrated audio if they choose — within a ticket.”

VideoView can come in handy in many B2B customer support scenarios, including when a customer needs help with a physical product. With VideoView, instead of writing out a step-by-step description of the problem, the customer can record a video, with audio, using a webcam or other recording device and embed the video into the ticket. The agent can then view the problem and respond via text or with a video showing the customer how to fix the issue.

In addition to eliminating the frustration of having to write out a complex narrative of a problem that can be more easily shown than described verbally, VideoView can significantly strengthen the connection between customers and agents. There’s nothing like putting a face with a name to deepen customer relationships and send a message that a dedicated professional — a real, live person — is ready to provide support whenever the customer encounters a problem.

“Webcam recording has taken our hardware support team to the next level,” said TeamSupport B2B customer Will Murphy, Director of Software Support & Development at A.C.T. Lighting, the leading distributor of entertainment lighting equipment used in the concert touring, theatrical and architectural industries. “It gives us a tool to quickly record the steps needed to diagnose and repair any hardware troubles customers experience while on tour with our products. In addition, our team is able to quickly show a customer what buttons to push and where specific cables should be plugged in so they can use products correctly."

TeamSupport, which specializes in helping B2B support teams collaborate efficiently to resolve individual tickets and manage the overall customer relationship, is continuously improving the tools available to support teams. The SupportView suite is the latest innovation that enables companies to serve business customers more effectively. Learn more about TeamSupport’s unique support software at



Published : October 14, 2015

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