Working Smarter To Increase Customer Support Efficiency

A State of Support* Study With ServiceXRG

In this State of Support Review, you'll gain a research-based perspective on how to increase efficiency with support automation and effective self-help tools. 

Support organizations are crushing under more customer demands than they can meet. Unless companies find ways to increase support efficiency, they face declining service level performance, increased dissatisfaction, and higher customer churn rates.

Watch the replay with special guest and CEO of ServiceXRG, Tom Sweeny to discuss:

  • Support demand trends
  • Strategies to efficiently manage support demand
  • The impact of successful support automation and self-help initiatives


*TeamSupport partnered with ServiceXRG to conduct a State of Support Study to understand how companies can work smarter to meet customer demand. The study includes a comprehensive survey of Support industry leaders and analysis of over 95 million anonymous support interactions.

Watch the Replay 

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