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Ask the Expert: How can I use TeamSupport’s customer support software to increase revenue for my company?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 27, 2013 2:48:20 AM / by JKrempin

Our resident expert and CIO Eric Harrington shares a great tip to monetize on delivering exceptional customer service

TeamSupport helpdesk software CIO Eric Harrington Eric Harrington

If your company is already benefiting from TeamSupport.com as your B2B help desk app, you’ve no doubt experienced for yourself why it’s one of the top help desk ticketing systems available.

But did you know you can also leverage the TeamSupport service desk system to generate a new stream of revenue for your organization? It’s easy – Here’s how!

Q: TeamSupport has been a great tool for improving customer service and collaboration at our company. Now, how can I leverage our TeamSupport subscription to increase revenue?

Eric: As a B2B company, you can actually use TeamSupport to sell—and deliver—a “premier” concierge support service to your customers.

Two settings within the TeamSupport software—one called “Default Customer” and other called “Default Company”—can be easily configured to allow you to assign a company or a customer to a specific person or team within your organization. That means that whenever this company or customer requests help, the ticket is automatically assigned to a designated person or group within your organization. As a result, the individual benefits from a premier customer experience.

Let’s say that one of your customer service representatives is truly exceptional or has great rapport with a particular customer. You can charge an extra “service fee” to the customer to ensure that s/he is always assigned to the same customer service agent or team member, usually a Level 2 customer service representative. It’s like giving the customer his or her own account executive—a “direct line” to a personal customer service concierge.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can use this feature to create a premier concierge service for your help desk customers. Or let us show you some other great features that you might not even have explored yet. Here at TeamSupport, we strive to be your partners in service – Let us know how we can help!

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