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TeamSupport & Jira: A Dynamic Duo

August 30, 2023 11AM-12PM CST

Are you looking to become a TeamSupport platform expert, earn your TSU Master’s degree, and gain valuable insight into how to best leverage your data for increased customer happiness? Then look no further and join in on this month’s customer-exclusive TSU Webinar!


This August, TeamSupport will give you a first look at the new and improved Jira integration.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:
  • Seamlessly integrate with Jira
  • Update your TeamSupport & Jira settings, and
  • Discover the power of merging Jira with your Support solution
This educational webinar is intended for all Support users and will not only get you one step closer to attaining your TSU Master’s  degree, but will also help you be more effective with your TeamSupport solution and improve your customer relationships. 
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This educational webinar is part of our monthly TeamSupport University Webinar series that teaches best practices for TeamSupport users while earning your TSU Degree.

How to qualify for a TSU degree? Attend 5 TSU webinar class sessions and earn a bachelor's degree. Use the degree on your Linkedin page, your resume and even internally to showcase your knowledge with the robust platform.  Attend 10 webinars earn your Master's Degree. Attend 15 webinars to earn your TSU PHD.

About the Hosts

Grayson headshot
Grayson Birkelbach
Onboarding Specialist for TeamSupport
  • Years of experience working with customers: I have been working with customers in the Training and Onboarding field for 16 years now, primarily with SaaS cloud solutions. 
  • Favorite area of TeamSupport: My favorite part of TeamSupport is the Customer Hub and how you can customize your customer experience. 
  • Most under-appreciated area of TeamSupport: I love how you can create a guided path of documentation with the Wiki. It's also a great collaboration tool for text-heavy projects.  
  • Fun fact: I played ice hockey throughout high school and college and still play whenever I can, even though it's hard to find any ice in Texas. 


Dan Mowinski headshot

Dan Mowinski
Sales Engineer for TeamSupport
  • Years of experience working with customers: I have been working with customers in securities retail, and SaaS for almost 20 years.
  • Favorite area of TeamSupport Chat: My favorite part of TeamSupport's Messaging and Live Chat is the ability to direct your website visitors around your site to get them answers they are looking for. 
  • Most under-appreciated area of TeamSupport Chat: You can learn so much about the visitors and the agents behavior just by looking at the analytics. Then make the changes needed to maximize teh customer experience on chat.
  • Fun fact: I have completed 5 full marathons and one full iron man!