Business Practices | | Published June 01, 2012

Cloud Based Applications That Can Help Your Business' Growth


We're a big fan of SaaS. It's tidy, less work, less stress, pretty much a maintenance free relationship. It's kind of like renting a fully furnished studio apartment with all the bells and whistles, complete with cleaning, laundry and lawn service for a fraction of the cost of buying a house. And should you tire of or outgrow it, you simply move onwards and upwards. And in our case, we know SaaS firsthand since we provide a nifty little SaaS tool to help simplify and structure your customer service.

For the smaller business, the benefits of moving into the cloud are undeniable. Little to no up front investment, lower costs and a great return are just a few of them. In a recent blog post, Premierline Direct put together a handy list of cloud apps that a business might want to check out when looking to increase growth TeamSupport made their recommendation for Customer Support tools.

Infographic by Premierline Direct

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