Why TeamSupport?

TeamSupport helps you get the focus of customer support back on the customer where it belongs. TeamSupport was designed specifically for the B2B software industry by an experienced team of experts who have been where you are and who appreciate your unique requirements.

We also know that your customers aren’t just a collection of tickets or cases and that just being reactive isn’t a great strategy for success.  TeamSupport helps you understand your customers at a holistic level and see where their pain points are – so you can deliver exceptional support before they even ask for it.

Our online help desk is so much more than just another ticketing system.

Most help desk systems are built for singular communications with your customers – one agent talking to one user.  TeamSupport is different because we focus on the big picture. We bring visibility to every member of your team and provide tools that support complete collaboration to resolve your customers’ primary concerns.

We truly believe that team collaboration is the key to delivering a superior customer support experience. When your staff works together, they benefit from everyone’s collective experience to provide the best solution to your customers.

TeamSupport helps you:

  • Resolve customer issues faster.
  • Collaborate more effectively.
  • Understand your customers better.
  • Simplify your day to day tasks.

And, it is built by a team whose entire careers have been devoted to delivering exceptional customer service.